Woman is 53 but looks 27 – STOP IT ALREADY!

Bad Ad Rebbel

Woman is 53 but looks 27 – This Ad Keeps Ruining my Appetite

Does anyone knows how to block this appalling ad from showing as Adsense Ad on your page?

I have blocked 2 addresses so far, but they keep on showing on my web page.

It is amazing how much money they throw on this ad. The ad is everywhere. Whatever page you open – it is there, staring at you.

First of all. I am no woman, I am male, so it annoys me.

Second – It is so unimaginative that I can hardly believe it is working for them.

And third, Is it possible that I am the only one having problem with this ad?

Publisher, please, at least stop wasting your money by showing this ad to male population.


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